Q1. What is WVC DSL Internet?

A1.  It is high speed Internet that uses your phone lines.

Q2. Why should I choose WVC DSL Internet instead of the other offers I see advertised.?

A2. We are a local company with an actual retail store you can visit unlike the big phone companies; also unlike many deals you see advertised we offer an affordable price everyday not just for a period of time that then raises to a much higher rate.

Q3. Can I get WVC DSL?

A3. DSL based Internet service does have distance limitations so if you live outside of a town you may not be able to get it.  To find out use the Check Availability option on this website or contact us.

Q4. Do I need to have phone service since your Internet service uses phone lines?

A4. Not always, in some situations it is possible to have DSL without phone service, this type of service is sometimes known as Dry Dsl or Naked DSL.

Q5. Do I have to agree to a contract?

A5. Yes, currently our price plans require you to agree to a 12 month period of service.  In the event that you choose to cancel your WVC DSL Internet service before the original 12 month period you will be charged a $100 early termination fee.

Q6. Do I have to buy a DSL modem?

A6.  No, if you have a preexsisting DSL modem we might be able to reconfigure it to work with our service. If you don't have one then we sell a DSL Modem with built in Wireless for $30.

Q7.  Are there any limits as to how much I can download?

A7.  At this time WVC.Net DSL Internet has no download caps. 

Q8. Will I get an E-mail address with my service?

A8. Yes you may request up to 5 WVC.Net E-Mail addresses, we offer Virus Protection and SPAM filtering on our E-Mail accounts.